Think that you have an entire army of tanks under your command in the battlefield where you can make whatever ruckus you want in every instant! Tanksmith.io is a world of IO where you start with a basic, single-turret tank and move up all the way of having an advanced army of tanks and turrets under your command. It’s really exciting and thrilling at the same time.


The graphics of the game is quite simple and matches pretty much with Diep.IO, another IO game that’s also a tank destruction game. The key difference here is that you’re allowed for building unlimited numbers of turrets with all the resources you collect from the field. All the resources are spawned as triangles in the field.

tanksmith.io game

Your tank is a circle with a moving turret on it. There’s a circle around you where you can set additional turrets. You can build different building surrounding yourself, turning yourself into the ultimate fort groove. There are different turret types like defensive buildings (walls), snipers, machinegun turrets etc.


The game comes up with really simplistic controls.

  • Movement – Cursor [the entire army of tanks will follow the direction of your cursor]
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)
  • Auto fire – E


This game is filled with advanced tactics and strategy that will ensure your ultimate victory on the battlefield. Your target is to build the strongest army of tanks possible.

The first thing is collecting more and more resources from the surrounding area. All the resources are in triangle shapes. Those are invaluable and will help you grow up in number and size. The resources are categorized into 5 different elements – wood, iron, gold, diamond, and amethyst. Wood is the weakest form where amethyst is the strongest.

For building new turrets or units for yourself, you have to use wood. It’s the primary resource and available a lot in the arena. The other resources are tougher to accumulate more.

tanksmith.io unblocked

For upgrading any of your units, click on it and select upgrade button from the top bar. The upgrade will consume a number of your gathered resources. The more upgraded turrets and units, the stronger your army. So, make sure to upgrade whenever you can.

Your core must not be destroyed, or you’ll die. You can replenish your destroyed units again and again, but once your core is destroyed, you’ll die instantly. Protect it at all cost. I like to build a wall of turrets around my core and upgrade the nearest ones first for providing better protection.

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