Battle royale is truly the king of gaming right now. You have to survive and kill as much as possible and only the last man standing survives. Are you worthy of standing in the sky warfare? Are your skills enough to win against numerous futuristic battleships? Time to find out the answer on


The game is very simple, yet EXTREMELY exciting. As an IO game, the graphics is also quite good and polished. This also adds a grain of salt in the game. Really, your target is to win your position on top of the leaderboard by killing and destroying your enemies as much as you can. game

The bullets are a tiny arrow and homing projectiles. This means once your radar locks on your enemy, your bullets will follow that spaceship and cause serious damage. However, the level of the player and the spaceship depends on the damage you’ll deal and your enemy will take.


The game, like most other IO games, features easy controls.

  • Movement – Auto
  • Movement direction – Cursor
  • Fire – Left-click (mouse)


This game is very fast paced and requires more control over your movement rather than strategical aggression. Moreover, your firing rate is also limited and can’t have more until you upgrade your spaceship.

At first, you’ll notice that you have a highlighted area in your front. That is really important to keep track. Only enemies passing through that place will be targeted by your bullets and projectiles. You don’t have any other option of shooting as well. That’s why all the battles turn into the face-to-face brawl. You have to be very careful not to get hit by enemy projectiles. strategy

Once your enemy is highlighted, all you have to do is fire and empty your clip. At the same time, move in different directions to avoid any incoming projectiles. The better you can dodge, the longer you’ll survive.

There are tons of power-ups available in the battlefield. Those are crucial. Health package will increase your health and shield will create a protected area for you. If you’re caught in an extreme condition, these power-ups can decide your fate.

Try to get stronger spaceships as you can deal more damage and get more HP to take damage. The game is also about the experience. The more experienced, the better. Reviews