gameWouldn’t it be fun if you were in your own spaceship, fighting your way through an intergalactic warfare? Booster. Space gives you the same experience of a galactic warfare where your spaceship haunts the silence of the space, looking for any enemy, asteroids to destroy and valuable fuels to gather.

Let’s jump right into the world of intergalactic chaos!


The graphics of this game is truly awesome. Despite being normal & 2D, the presentation is quite awesome for giving you the feel of a violent space where space debris flying around in a great speed and enemy spaceships crawling through the entire arena. gameplay

Every single object in the game is pretty polished as well. The fuel appears like a hexagonal object floating around the space. Space rocks are also awaiting your arrival nearby them so that they can destroy you with one hit. The game is also pretty fast paced.


The game, like most other IO games, features really simple controls. However, you won’t be able to win the top position of your leaderboard with just mastering the controls. You got to master the strategy. Let’s learn the controls first.

  • Movement – Cursor [your spaceship will follow your cursor]
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)
  • Shield – Left-click (mouse)
  • Boost – Spacebar


The goal here is to climb the top of leaderboard while maintaining the energy flow. That’s why you have to understand your spaceship controls and movement.

The movement is nothing so special, but you have to keep a sharp look for all the space debris flying around. Try not to get hit, or you’ll die in an instant. There’s no saving your life if your spaceship is going to collide with all the space rocks, even while on the shield.

The shield is a unique mechanism. It is a bubble around your capsular spaceship that protects it from upcoming enemy bullets. The bullets are a laser with the insanely fast projectile. That’s what you can expect from a futuristic spaceship, right? The bullets consume energy, also known as the fuel in the game. unblocked

The fuels are the hexagons floating all around yourself. Fuels are decent tough to get, because you may need to engage in a space brawl for survival. Moreover, space debris is always flying towards you at a great speed. Fuels are also the currency for upgrading your spaceship. The more you upgrade, the better traits and powers will unlock for you.

Upgrading is really important for getting better, faster and deadlier spaceships. The upgradable choice is one way, but your entire focus should be on the battlefield, not the look of your battleship.

The booster is a really useful feature. It’s available unlimited, allowing you faster evading and surprise attacks. Boosters are also useful with shields. Then, you can act like a ram to destroy your enemies. Just 1 shot is enough to kill your enemies, so make every single bullet count. Reviews