In the world of games, football is one of the most popular ones. In fact, there is hardly any human in the world who didn’t ever kick a football in his life. The world cup is the most exciting event of football, right? Besides, it’s a match for team combo – the best team effort wins the game. It’s also dependent on luck, to be honest. Does football give you the adrenaline rush? Does the game boil your blood? Then it’s time to get started with this awesome IO game where you along with your team is on a journey of dominating the field!

Gameplay gameplayThe graphics of is quite simple & plain. But the coloring is quite awesome. The field is deep green with nice lighting. The best ground for playing football, right?

Here, your avatar is a small green ball. You have to take control of the ball and score by shooting it into the opponent’s goal bar. But don’t let the simplicity fool you; the game is hundred times more difficult that you can imagine.


The game features really simple controls.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Shoot – Spacebar
  • Sprint – Z


The only target is to score more goals than your opponent team. The time is limited and the game mechanism isn’t so simple.

When you touch the ball, it’ll start rotating around your body. The direction the ball is facing at will be the direction where it will go if you shoot. That means that even if you sprint in front of your opponent’s goal post, you won’t be able to score unless the ball is in the right direction. This also makes it really difficult to pass the ball to your friend.

This game will be nothing more than a garbage if your internet connection is lagging. So, I recommend switching to a better internet connection while playing. For saving up your progress, you have the option to sign up via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Reviews