About Game

This is like a cartoon war game where you need to kill everyone. No matter who is your opponent just kill him. We have seen some games where armies battle against each other but this time we have something different for you guys. This time it’s fun playing with your friends as a cartoon. Due to this amazing fact, kids like this game the most.

Gameplay Description is a hell fun game. Your basic strategy in this game is to kill the enemies as soon as possible. You will have to face some birds and spiders there in the game. You need to kill them all. At the start of the game, you should find some better weapon to shoot your enemies. Then start shooting at them. For every kill, you can grab some coins there as well. game

You can face them in the bunch after some time in the game so you would need some better space to hide. There are banks and shops as well from where you can collect money and buy your needs respectively. You can deposit the money in the bank first then in case of your death you can use this money to stay in the game.  This game is simple and easy to understand. Just kill more and gather more coins.  That is all is this game has. has some awesome map plan as there are many blocks, banks and shops there on it. The graphics are awesome and do not harm you.

How to Play?

The controls are easy. Use your arrows keys or WASD keys to move on the map. Click left mouse button to shoot. Constant pressing of a left button makes you fire again and again. You can get coins and guns by just walking over there in no time. Play this game with your buddies and have a lifetime best experience.

Stay blessed and happy! Reviews