About Game is an awesome mass gaining game where you can find some other opponents on the map. You need to attack them when they are close to you. You can play the game online. There is no need to have an app for playing this cool game. Just go online and start enjoying the game without any sign in and sign up options. It is free to play.

Gameplay in Crazy

The main strategy of the game is to collect more and more points. There are diamonds and apples all over the surface of the map. Your size increases when you collect apples but the speed of your character slows down. You can get more points when you get a level up. As earlier said, it is beneficial for you as for size increases and you can collect more apples and diamonds but with an increase in size, speed decreases.

So, you need to be careful from the smaller opponents as they have speed more than you. When you are small, try to find a fat guy and kill him. This will help you in getting more points. Everyone tries to do that so be careful.

There is some useful feature of this game and that is you can throw 3  bombs at once you can throw another only after the explosions of the first one from the first three. This is great. Isn't it?

You can also check all the surface especially edges of the map to find some extra points. This trick can be a useful as well. Trt it!

How to Play?

You can move across the surface through your mouse. You can plant a bomb by using a double click of a left mouse key. It can kill your opponents in no time. Get more and more points and lead the arena by getting top rankings. Play this game with friends and show them your fighting abilities.

Keep smiling and stay blessed! Reviews