All you have a mace in hand and an arena full of enemies. What to do now? That’s the picture of this awesome, extreme & fast-paced IO game where every warrior is with his glorious battle mace swinging all around and making a ruckus. Are you worthy of being a legend? Time to find out the answer at


The game is pretty polished and smooth. Anyone can enjoy the game to the full extent with the graphics. The game is in the world of 2D, but the coloring, presentation and everything else builds up the positive expression. If you didn’t like IO games before, this game will change your mind. пфьу

Here, you’re a round-edged square with a giant mace holding on your hand. You can throw the ball of the mace to your enemies as a projectile. There are foods to eat, points to earn and gold to spend. Moreover, your throwing skill is also necessary for getting a successful hit. It’s a matter of practice to master the game.

Using the gold, you can get all the fancy, shiny and COOL maces, skins, colors, tiara and much more! Collect more gold for unlocking those and proving your skill. You can also purchase them with real money if you want.


The game follows really simplistic controls.

  • Movement – Cursor [the avatar will follow your cursor]
  • Throw mace weight – Spacebar


In this game, your skill of using your mace is the most important. You can easily evade enemies or incoming mace weight projectile, but shooting your weapon and swinging it properly is really necessary for advancing in the arena.

Here’s the trick. Whenever your enemy is nearby, do a 360° spin? This way, the mace head will hit your enemies and make successful kills. Moreover, your enemies won’t dare to come near you.

Once your mace is shot, you have to retrieve it manually. At this point, you’re very vulnerable to enemy attacks because you don’t the ability to perform offensive defense. Only use it when you’re sure of your enemy’s movement. unblocked

The more you kill, the more gold you earn. Once you’ve collected enough gold, you can unlock all the legendary maces and skin for your character. That’s the way to show off your expertise on the battlefield; the way of proving your worth of being the legend. Reviews