Golf is a great game for enjoying the excitement and having fun. Players try to get the golf ball into the target within the minimum possible shots. Now, think of a field that’s set in space and the instead of the ball, there’s a spaceship. I know it’s crazy, but that’s what it is in – a golf court in the outer space.

Gameplay gameThe game is set into a sci-fi world where outer space is not so distant. The graphics of the game surely reflects the feeling. There are planets and space debris flying around and your target is to take your spaceship towards the goal.

The controls are quite simple in the game. However, you’ll find difficulty working with your spaceship because of the lack of gravity. It’s outer space and gravity is negligible there. Use your skill to become the fastest scorer in the field!


In this game, you don’t have any limit of strokes. However, you don’t have any golf clubs here. Instead, it’s the engine thrust of the spaceship.

Click on anywhere in the map and drag it towards any direction. It will create an arrow mark in the field, defining the direction of the spaceship’s thrust. The length of the arrow defines the strength of the thrust.


This game is all about finishing the fastest. The less shot you take, the higher your score. If you are a master, then 1 shot win is not impossible. That’s why you have to master the movement of your spaceship first.

There is very small gravity at work in the game. However, you can get gravity boost in the game. These boosts are available as sparkling orbs floating around. Use them to your advantage and reach the goal faster. strategy

There is a system for earning XP and coin. Using them, you can unlock different spaceships and trails. The advanced spaceships & trails you use, the better player you’re. However, using this feature requires that you sign up for an account with SpaceGolf.IO. Reviews