It’s time to meet the world where sci-fi and magic work together for the ultimate destructive ability. Yes, it’s science and magic. They both have been the part of the world of games since the very starting. Along with nice characteristics and skinning, this game is sure to win your heart. Jump into this awesome 2D IO game!


The graphics of the game resembles the real classic 2D games. The pixel graphics make the game faster in performance, but don’t let the graphics mislead you. The game is full of fun & excitement; far more than you could imagine.

obsidio game

It’s a multiplayer survival arena where superheroes fight eternally. There is a beautiful 2D landscape full of magical beauty. You have the option of 3 different characters now with distinct abilities and look. You can also choose the alternate skin of each character.


The game has a slightly different control than other IO games. That makes it a bit difficult to master.

  • Movement (right/left) – A, D or Right, Left arrow keys
  • Jump – W or Up arrow key
  • Ability – Q, W, E, R

Strategy in Obsidio

The game is all about making perfect kills and surviving from the enemies. You can also have the ability to grow your power with each level and the only way for that is to kill your enemies. Every single ability counts.

Each 3 character possess different abilities and functions. I prefer the character with long range attacks so that I can get more kills while staying at a distant. The tank character is also my favorite. Enjoy the one you like.

Once you’ve spawned on the field, you can either get killed instantly or survive to the top of the leaderboard. At first, make sure to get out of any area where there’s an intense brawl. Then, try to have the feel of your abilities and their potential use on the battlefield.

obsidio strategy

Each ability also has a cool down timer. Some abilities will be your main weapon on the battlefield as they have faster cool down where other powerful abilities have really high cool down limit. Try not to miss your abilities, as one single miss can kick you out of the battlefield. The opposite is also true.

The more you kill, the higher your level will increase. For getting more kills, try to predict your opponents’ movements. The game has only one mode, but it’s quite exciting enough for the best enjoyment.

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