Do you love survival? Dungo.io is a SERIOUS survival game where you CRASH your enemies with VISCIOUS boulders! The entire arena is packed with excitement and danger. Only your vigilance and wit will help you live in this one of the toughest survival game. Willing to get the most excitement possible? Wait no more; jump into Dungo.io right now!


Despite being an IO game, the graphics of this game is really COOL! It’s a virtual 3D world with a third-person view. You can’t rotate the camera. However, there’s no need for that as the game takes in just a small arena. There are a certain number of obstacles that will help you protect yourself and a number of players that are waiting for killing you.

dungo.io game

While playing, you’ll also have a nice feeling of playing a Super Mario game! The boulders do look more like chocolate ice-creams, though.


There are only 2 available controls you’ll have to worry about in the game.

Movement – WASD or Arrow keys

Get the boulder rolling – Spacebar


The goal is simple – kill as many enemies as you can without getting yourself killed! Yes, it’s about killing the most possible enemies with the boulders you’re able to set rolling.

dungo.io strategy

When you decide to roll down a boulder of DESTRUCTION, you press “Spacebar”. The boulder will spawn right above your head and will roll towards the direction you were facing at when summoning that destructor. The boulder doesn’t know about you or its enemies; it’ll kill anyone who’s in the path. Make sure that you get away from your boulder as soon as you summon one!

Make sure to stay away from other boulders as well. There are 4 lanes where you can launch your boulder and if you angle it correctly, you can make your boulder crush anyone who’s in that lane. Note that each time a boulder hits a boundary, it’ll get destroyed. You need to launch another one again.

dungo.io drawing game

There are some available power ups in the arena that will spawn randomly. Those are able to give you a second chance and/or a great advantage over your enemies. Make sure to get all around the arena to catch the ones that spawn.

Ready? Time for some destruction on Dungo.io!

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