About Game gameWho doesn’t love to BRAWL? Smashing your enemies one by one and upgrading yourself on your way to dominate the arena – that’s the ultimate rule of! It’s a multiplayer arena where hundreds of giants take part in an epic brawl survival arena.

With various types of giants and skills at your disposal, it’s time to dominate the battlefield with your skill and muscle power!

Gameplay in Mini Giants

The game is played in a 2D arena where your view position will be from above. The graphics offer a pretty cartoonish look. Fear not; the graphics is perfectly suitable with the game’s excitement and thrill.

Every single character comes up with their unique attack style and weapon. For example, the “Barbarian” holds a giant axe and swipes horizontally. In the case of “Tank”, it holds a giant hammer and the attack is vertical. unblockedThere are a number of available giants at your disposal. However, not all of them are available at the starting. Each of them offers different perks and different strategy for playing.

  • Barbarian: +50% stamina
  • Tank: +50% armor
  • Fairy: +25% stamina, +25% health
  • Amazon: +25% damage, +25% stamina
  • Necromancer: +20% all stats
  • Mage: +50% damage
  • Cleric: +50% health
  • Beast: +5% life steal


The game comes up with only 3 controls –

  • Movement – cursor (character will follow the cursor)
  • Attack – Left-click
  • Speed boost-  Right-click
Strategy gameplayAt the starting, farming is the main thing you should focus on. By farming, I mean chest farming. Chests are the ultimate source of all your resources – gold and other arsenal upgrades (armor, weapon, gloves etc.).

There are a number of available chests and shiny rocks scattered in the arena. Each of them is very valuable. The more rocks you collect, the higher level your character will reach. With each level upgrade, you’ll replenish a percentage of your health and will increase in size. drawing gameIn the beginning, you’ll start with “Barbarian”. It’s the ultimate farming character for new players for a higher amount of stamina. Using the additional stamina, you can evade faster and collect more chests and shiny rocks easily.

Once you’ve become enough strong, look for your opportunities to kill weak enemies. Make sure not to fight against someone higher than you! However, if the life is little, then you can sneak attack and take the kill. Killing also increases your XP and upgrades your level.

Now, the chests. There are 4 tiers of chests:

  1. Wooden
  2. Gold
  3. Crystal
  4. Magic

In the arena, “Wooden” chests are the most common. The most interesting part is fusing chests into a better one.

  • 2 Wooden >> 1 Gold
  • 3 Gold >> 1 Crystal
  • 4 Crystal >> 1 Magic

Needless to say, you need to farm as much “Wooden” and “Gold” chest you can find. After each match, you can open the chest(s) you’ve found. They contain upgrades (damage, health, armor etc.).

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