Time goes by so fast, right? It just feels like yesterday I came from the Pacman competition with my friends! It may not sound like much but is one of the most popular retro games out there. The game is pretty hilarious. Yet, it can be very, very addictive. The difficulty curve of learning the game is pretty easy to overcome but the real challenge lies in mastering it. How about getting that craze back? Pac is one of the finest titles in the world of IO that offers the crazy experience of Pacman in the world of IO!


Pacman is everyone’s favorite game, right? That emoji-shaped blob is eating away all the foods all around the field while avoiding all the ghosts; that’s the core mechanics. game

The new keeps the graphics of the game pretty similar to the original game. However, with the help of newer techs, there are little more details and depths into the objects. If you’re turning within a corner of a barricade, your body will get squeezed. Think of it like squeezing a round pillow.

In addition to the original game mechanics, there are also a number of enemies around that are always looking forward to killing you. With the added concepts, Pac man io successfully improves the game as a whole.


The game offers pretty simplistic controls. The character will move on its own. Your role is to guide your avatar to the right path.

  • Movement (direction) – Cursor [the avatar will follow the cursor]
  • Dash – Left-click (mouse) or Spacebar


Unlike the classic Pacman where you had to eat all the foods without getting caught by the ghosts, you’re accompanied by a number of other players. The target in the traditional one was to eat all the foods while staying alive. However, the goal and target are different in the case of So, the strategy is completely different.

You have to eat as much food and your enemies possible to become the biggest Pacman. There’s no fixed way of moving. You can move 360° across the entire map. Once you spawn in the arena, you’ll be a small one. For growing bigger, you have to eat foods. Foods are two types – the classic foods and your enemies.

pacman io strategy

Just like the classic one, you’ll find out a bunch of foods all across the field. Eat as much as possible to grow in size. From time to time, you’ll come across mega foods (cherries and others). Those will give a HUGE boost in your size. If you can eat your enemy, that’s another MEGA boost to your size. However, for that purpose, you need to be a bigger one than your enemy. Yes, size matters here.

But you’re also handicapped if you’re too big. The bigger, the slower. This reduces your chance of grabbing fast, smaller enemies. Let others have a chance! The interesting part is when you or your enemy becomes the ghost! Yes, you can turn into a ghost by eating special foods. Once you become a ghost, your only option is to eat other Pacmans. You’re not consumable by your enemies. The only thing they can do is run away from you. Reviews