Battle royale is one of the most popular genres for multiplayer games right now. Of course, the battle royale is extremely exciting that fills every single moment into nerve-wracking actions and face-to-face combats. The adrenaline rush is something that can neither be ignored nor checked. WormRoyale.io brings the mind-blowing actions of battle royale into the world of worms in a really interesting way!


The game is just like any other worm IO game. The match is set into a 2D arena where you can move in any direction at your will. The goal here is to grow more and more as you become the longest worm in the arena. There are numerous enemies in the field willing to take you down anytime. Be the last WORM standing in the arena to beat win the match!

If you’ve played Slither.io before, then WormRoyale.io is going to give you the same feeling. Feel free to customize your avatar from the available infinite “color and flag” combos to show off your presence in the field.

wormroyale.io game

However, with the addition of a battle royale theme, there’s an additional mechanism in the game. The entire area is surrounded by a red RING OF DOOM. You cross the line, you die. The ring is gently crawling towards the center. The longer a game continues, the higher the chance of colliding with your enemies. Do whatever it takes to survive in the chaos.


Like any other worm IO game, the controls are simple.

  • Movement – Cursor [avatar will follow the cursor’s direction]
  • Boost speed – Left-click (mouse) [will consume points and reduce length]


The ultimate goal here is to become the last WORM surviving in the chaotic battlefield. So, it’s important to set a proper strategy to achieve your goal.

Once you start the game, you’ll be spawned from an egg. As soon as you spawn, you’ll start moving towards the direction of your cursor. Make sure that you consume enough foods in the way to grow bigger and deadlier. However, because you just spawned, use your speed to create a distance from your enemies.

A big advantage of being small is forcing larger and slower enemies into your trap. Heavier enemies will take time to move out of your direction. With your speed, you can force them to touch your body and turn them into your hunt.

wormroyale gameplay

However, being bigger and heavier also offers some extra benefit. This is my most favorite trick yet. You can consume smaller enemies easily. Once you target one, start surrounding into a loop using your body. Don’t forget to use the boost to complete the surrounding. Now, your enemy is trapped within. Continue reducing the surface area of your trap until your enemy touches your body and dies.

There are many ways you can get all the foods for becoming bigger. The most abundant source is all the foods lying all around yourself. Consume them as much as possible. But the most nutritious ones appear after you’ve killed one of your enemies. Eat those to become bigger faster. You can also consume the “dead worm” food that’s killed by others.

Keep an eye for the shrinking border. The more it shrinks, things are BOUND to go crazier. So, once you’ve become large enough, you can effectively create a safe zone for yourself using your long body. Survival is all that matters in this game.

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