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Endless running is always one of the most popular genres for simplistic and addictive games. For the most part, they seem to be simple and casual. That’s why I think such games are always underrated. Don’t let yourself fooled this time, though. Slope MMO is here to change the landscape!

Slope MMO is a really interesting IO game developed by Y8. Despite the fact that it’s endless running, this particular one has successfully made it more enjoyable and thrilling with the addition of more difficulty and extreme challenges.

It’s a new version of the original game Slope. The key difference here is, Slope MMO is a multiplayer game that adds the delight of a global leaderboard and more difficulty.


You’re in control of a 3D ball rolling down through an endless slope. That’s not all, though. The entire slide is full of difficult obstacles and dangerous traps, each with their own mechanics to understand and master. There are speed-ups, spikes, vertical slides, stones, rocks and a TON of other obstacles to stop your progress.

slope mmo game

The graphics of the game is quite simplistic, yet intuitive. That’s why this game will never get you bored. Moreover, without any flashy graphics, you can solely focus on the obstacle course and your movement direction. You’ll feel the necessity once you’ve started ramping up in the difficulty curve.

The adrenaline rush you’ll feel in the late game is very difficult to deny.


As an IO game, this game comes up with simplistic controls. The ball under your control will keep on going on its own. You don’t have to force it to move forward.

However, the only thing you have under control is the vertical movement. There will be a LOT of obstacles on the path. Your target is to use your control to keep the ball from crashing into obstacles.

Tilt – Left-click (mouse)


As an endless running game, the only strategy here is to survive as long as possible. So, the only thing you have to focus on developing is improving your reflex and faster deciding.

However, here are a few simple tricks to bear in mind. The very first thing is to start playing right away. You’ll have to have experience with each type of obstacles and traps to understand their mechanism. This will improve your deduction ability and easily switch your movement plan for the next obstacle.

slope mmo io

The second one is to focus on the incoming obstacles. You’ll be able to see what obstacle is going to appear next on the path, so it’s easy to adjust your tactics according to that. Again, enough experience is necessary to improve your eye and deducting your next move.

Last but not least, invite your friends to play with you. This can be a really, really fun experience to have! Don’t worry; there will be a lot of other balls rolling along. All of them are your enemies. Just let them fall and become the ultimate runner in the endless obstacle course!

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