Gun Battle

Battle royale is the most explosive genre of the gaming industry that has boomed at an exponential level. You have to do whatever it takes to become the last one standing in the completely crazy battlefields with all the crazier opponents. You’re free to do whatever while being constrained with the game mechanics itself.

Gun Battle is one of the most exciting battle royale games out there in the IO world. It’s a game that offers a mini battlefield with a limited number of players with all the crazy weapons at hand.

Boom your way to victory on the survival arena of Gun Battle!


The graphics of the game is pretty cartoonish. In the arena, the matches are played between 6 players, each of them equipped with a basic assault rifle. The more kill and search in the arena, you’ll find more advanced weapons like the Bazooka or Sniper.

The game features a semi-3D world but your view is fixed on a 2D perspective. It’s a solid example of a 2.5D game.

gun battle game

The area also shrinks continuously. So, you don’t have the ability to hide for long enough. A face-to-face fight is a must. You can’t hide your way out of it.


The game features pretty simplistic controls for being a battle royale game. That perfectly suits the world of IO.

  • Movement – WASD
  • Fire – Left-click (mouse)

When you fire, the direction of the projectile is going to be in the direction of your cursor.


The goal here is to become the last one surviving, no matter what. However, depending on your play style, there are several things to consider. Each match contains 6 players at most. The map is smaller, so combat is imminent. So, the most effective way is becoming the best in the offense. Your shooting skill is what matters the most.

While shooting, you have to constantly move. Otherwise, your enemies will have a free kill to snipe. Similarly, your enemies will also move continuously. So, you have to be a good one at predicting your enemy movements as well.

There are a number of weapons lying all around – Sniper, Bazooka, and others. Each of them offers different utility. The Bazooka is a slow shooter but each shell offers significant damage. The Sniper allows the bullets to travel further than the classic assault rifle.

You have a limited number of bullets per reload (10 ammo per reload). Reloading takes a couple of seconds and you’re way too much VULNERABLE in that timing.

gun battle gameplay

My favorite strategy is to hide and fight. Once you spawn, look for a nice weapon alternative. But most importantly, hide from other enemies as long as possible. Let others kill each other. Once the total enemy count decreases, then engage in battle. You can also contribute to the faster death of your enemies by dealing a couple round of damages each while you’re busy hiding.

Now, if you prefer face-to-face combat, then make sure that you attain a more powerful weapon first. Then, focus on your enemy movements and their incoming projectiles. The Bazooka is the most powerful weapon in a face-to-face brawl. The more you win, the more coins you get. Spend the coins for unlocking newer and newer avatar from the shop.

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