Minecraft is definitely one of the most entertaining games in the world. It gives the ample opportunity of performing any action you’d like on anywhere. There are also some crazy guys/gals accomplishing some of the most complexes Minecraft things!

Well, for the Minecraft lovers, MineRoyale.io is here! It’s the perfect place for getting the full-fledged experience and thrill of Minecraft with other additional feats like tough survival competition and extreme combat! It’s more like Minecraft and Fortnite on steroids! Don’t worry; there are plenty of enemy players trying to kill you, so don’t set loose!


The game is played in a 2D map with the battle royale mechanism. Every now and then, the force field shrinks, reducing the area of survival a tough place while accumulating more players in the center and increasing the never-ending excitement.

mineroyale.io game

The graphics is pretty simple intuitive. There are tons of available blocks and ingredients to pick from and craft from. All you need is a strong weapon for fighting against your enemies.


There are several controls involved in the battle royale arena of MineRoyale.io.

  • Select items – 1-6 keys
  • Craft items – E
  • Sneak – Shift (hold)
  • Attack – Left-click (mouse)


The strategy of any battle royale is simple – survive as long as possible while killing others for the ultimate achievement – the last one standing! That doesn’t change in the case of MineRoyale.io. However, with Minecraft mechanisms, things are a bit complicated and more thrilling.

At first, you’re given a very basic weapon and pickaxe. Your goal is to collect as much resource as possible wherever you go. You can collect the resource of a distant block just by left-clicking over that one, no matter how far that is as long (as it’s within your range of view).

MineRoyale.io strategy

Now, once you’ve collected enough resource, it’s time to craft. The total battle timer is limited and short, so make sure to make the most out of your resource. Collect as many precious ingredients possible like the diamond, iron etc. They will allow you to build more powerful weapons on the path.

The most powerful weapon is the diamond sword, just like the real Minecraft! Keep it ready as you may need it anytime, anywhere. Whenever the force field starts shrinking, wield the ultimate weapon and run for your life! Don’t forget to kill anyone who stands in your path!

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