In the crazy arena of “eat and live”, what will you do to survive and become the strongest while maintaining your dominance on the leaderboard? Cellz.io gives you the most exciting moments of IO games in your life.


The game is very simple – eat, grow and conquer the leaderboard. You’re a blob eating everything in your path. There are also tons of available foods all around yourself. Eat as much as you can and grow up in size!

There are a number of available skins for players to pick. You can login for saving your in-game progress and currencies for unlocking all those CRAZY skins. Some of them are very taunting, to be honest!

cellz.io game

At the starting of the game, you can choose the game graphics. I love to play on the “Retina” quality. Depending on the device you’re playing, the quality can also affect your in-game performance. Make sure to choose the suitable one for enjoying a smooth gameplay.


The game controls are very simple.

  • Movement – cursor (your avatar will follow your cursor)
  • Eject mass – W
  • Double split – G
  • Multi split – T


Your goal is to become the heaviest and largest in the arena so that no one will ever be able to eat you up. However, the bigger you are, the more dangers await you. So, be careful!

There are all those tiny blobs lying around. Those are your foods. You eat them to grow in size. The bigger, the better. You are allowed to swallow enemies bigger than yourself.

The speed of yourself is also a big concern as it allows you to outrun your enemies. The lighter you are, the faster you are. This allows you evade attacking large enemies. If you’re on a pinch, you can evade your enemies by ejecting your mass and becoming lighter.

cellz.io strategy

There are also a number of traps lying around. Some will shred your mass into smaller blobs while others will split you into pieces. Being split into pieces isn’t something good all the time. However, by splitting, you can cover more ground for better farming. However, be careful of any surprise enemy attacks!

You can also farm your weight by collecting the mass that your enemies throw away. Smaller enemies are also a good target.

Why wait? Let’s rock and roll on Cellz.io!

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