Ready to rumble in the arena? It’s always hard to fight with just one of yourself. Why not become a herd of “you”? Yes, is all about strategic splitting and engulfing your enemies while continuously evading from stronger enemies in a fantastic and exciting manner.


The graphics of the game gives quite a look of a sci-fi battleground. You can customize your skin as much as you want for the full enjoyment. The game is very fast-paced because of the numerous enemies lying out there. Your target is to stay safe while craving your path on the leaderboard. Anyone can become the strongest and the weakest in an instant.

There are a lot of things you can customize on the settings, for example, map, and zoom control and even other in-game controls! You also have the full authority on your looks and aesthetics. All you need to do is just get into the field and wreak havoc on your enemies!


There are a number of available controls. All of them are changeable but here are the most basic and important ones.

Movement – Cursor (your circle will follow your cursor)

Single split - Spacebar

Multi split – T, G


When you’re on the map, try to avoid collision with others as they’ll wreak you instantly, especially if you spawned right now. Try to eat up as many available foods as you can find to become bigger and bigger.

There are also some explosive foods here and there. Eat them and they’ll tear you apart. That’s dangerous because you’re susceptible to your enemies and they may end up eating all of yourselves. Be careful of those. unblocked

The bigger (heavier) you become, the slower you are. That’s a problem but with the help of splitting, you can gain some speed. Splitting can also help you a lot in other conditions. For example, you’re being chased by a big one but you’re not able to avoid him in time. Just split and sacrifice a part of you. In that sense, there’s no way you can die if you play the game perfectly.

Another interesting scenario is when your enemies start clashing. They’ll generate a number of small blobs of themselves. Those are really NUTRITIOUS – become stronger and heavier by consuming those! Be careful not to get eaten in the process, though.

There are different game modes in You can create a team and enjoy with your friends! All you have to do is create a room and share the link with your buddies. Join in the team and rule the day on! Reviews