Everyone loves brawl fight, right? Getting into the battlefield and beating each of your enemies to the pulp never feels tiresome. Let’s unleash your inner BEAST on


The game is within a 2D map where you, along with your avatar, brawl to the death. The entire battlefield is filled with deadly enemies that are always looking for enemies to kill. You get near them, they kill you with their weapon. Of course, for killing, you have to take the risk and get near them. game

The graphics is pretty simple and cartoonish. There are a number of available weapons that you will unlock more in the game. There are some of the most brutal weapons of the history, including katana, maces, baseball bat, wooden mace etc.


The game features very simple controls.

  • Movement – Cursor (your avatar will follow the direction of the cursor)
  • Attack – Left-click
  • Sprint – Right-click (will consume experience)

Strategy in

The goal here is to kill as many enemies as possible without getting yourself killed. That adds the challenge and excitement of the game. There’s also a currency system that will allow you to become more and more powerful the more you play.

When you spawn, you’re very weak. Focus your goal of collecting as many crimson orbs as possible. The more you collect, the higher your level will be. The higher the level, the higher your HP. Each time you level up, you will also get a coin reward. Your HP won’t replenish over time, so keep a sharp look when you engage in a brawl. unblocked

When you successfully kill an enemy, you’ll be gifted with a coin. Coins are very precious here. Once you’ve collected enough coin, you can upgrade your stats PERMANENTLY, giving you a huge boost in your future matches.

The higher level you go, the better and newer weapons you get. Some weapon is longer in range, so keep a sharp look! Reviews