In the current age of gaming, “battle royale” is the most popular genre of online games where the last one surviving is the winner. Truth be told, it’s really interesting and exciting style to enjoy a game. Are you willing to have the experience of battle royale on the IO world? Check out!

Gameplay gameThe graphics of the game is pretty simple. The entire map is a 2D surface where you and other players are represented as giant “circles”. Each of the circles are the body of each player. The arena is filled with a number of smaller “circles”.

For making the game more exciting, there’s a HUGE collection of skins and other options to make your game more exciting. There are even a number of really INTIMIDATING skins you can enjoy. Get your enemies and show ‘em who’s the boss!

You’ll also find a number of available game modes to enjoy –

  • FFA
  • Big FFA
  • Crazy
  • Megasplit
  • Instant
  • Agario BIG
  • Crazy doublesplit
  • GOTA.IO split
  • instant


The game features simple controls that allow you to focus on your action more.

Movement – Cursor (character follows the direction of the cursor)

Single split – Spacebar

Multi split – Ctrl


In this game, your target is to become the largest “circle” in the map. There are a number of available foods in the entire maps. Those foods are the smaller circles lying all around. For growing up, you have to eat them as much as you can. The more you eat, the bigger you become.

Besides normal foods, there are some explosives. Those explosive foods have a special characteristic – their edge is spiked. Yikes! Don’t eat too much of them or you’ll split smaller and smaller unless your enemies end up engulfing you. unblocked

Being big also offers some pretty disadvantage. For example, you’re more susceptible to those explosive foods. Moreover, the bigger you become, the slower you are. Yes, being small also offers some advantage, right? Whenever you’re in danger, you can make a quick dash out of the danger with multi-split. You’ll turn into pieces but don’t worry; continue eating and you’ll eventually merge again.

Don’t stop eating till you die! You stop eating and your body will burn away all your hard-earned mass. If you leak too much, your enemies will be right there to eat you up. drawing game

Your target should be becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. The bigger you are, the better chance for you to eat up your enemies. If you end up eating any big enemy, you’ll end up with a HUGE body of yours.

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