In an island surrounded by ocean, there’s a huge battlefield designed for conquering and constant battling. Your target is to survive on the island of chaos and rule the entire island as the sole king of the game. Yes, it’s all about capturing more and more area on the island while keeping your enemies out of your reach. It’s the island of Losts.io!


The graphics of this game is pretty similar to Hexar.io where you have to capture more and more hexagons under your territory. As an IO game, the graphics is quite polished and smooth. You won’t find any issue.

losts.io gameplay

You’ll have a color of your own trail. Your trail will be drawn using a weapon on your hand. The peak of the weapon will constantly draw a line on the map. For conquering the area, there’ll be constant battles where you have to prove your worth as a tactician and win every brawl unless you’ve captured 100% of the map.


You have only one control – movement. Your avatar will move into directions where you put your cursor. Note that your character won’t move the facing; only the movement.


In this game, you have to hit the trails of other players with your own brush. Then, they’ll die and you’ll get an additional point for that. Your target is to capture 100% of the entire arena without any failure. That sounds really terrific, but it’s doable if you follow a few tricks.

First of all, you have to understand how the trail works. At first, you have a starter area under your control. This is the safe zone where you can hide for safety. Players will hardly try to affect you as hitting your trail within others’ zone is really difficult and can be suicidal as well.

losts.io game

After understanding your position, you have to start exploring the surrounding area. After every few seconds of exploration, return back to your base so that your trail is no longer exposed to others to attack. The tracks covered by your trail will be added to your own area.

Expand your empire and embark on the adventurous journey by trying to destroy your enemies. It’ll be slightly difficult for the first time, but you’ll easily get the control of your movement and your range of attack. Every time you destroy your enemies, the area that your enemy captured will vanish from the map. Capture the opened up space and expand your territory.

You will collect gold for better scores every time. Using the gold, you can customize your avatar with different designs, tattoos, styles etc.

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