PumpUp Hero!

We all dream of being a superhero and fighting against villains and save the world, right? Your dream is about to come true in this super-duper, hand-to-hand superhero IO game where your role is a hero and save the world by smashing other heroes (villains, maybe?). This game is super fun and full of excitement in every single moment.


If you don’t mind cartoonish and funny graphics, you will never become bored with this game. The fact is, the true purpose of this game is having fun and excitement, so the graphics won’t hurt that much. The graphics also lowers the seriousness and increases the enjoyment of the gameplay.

pumpup hero game

Your avatar is a hero who is flying throughout an enormous arena where there are numerous destroyable objects along with enemy heroes (villains, actually). Your target is to become stronger and stronger and beat up everyone else to score the top position in the leaderboard.


  • Movement – Cursor [avatar will follow cursor]
  • Punch – Left-click (mouse)
  • Special abilities – QWER [assigned buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen]


This game gives you only one purpose – defeat your enemies and become the strongest hero in the map. That’s why you have to continue grinding more and more XP for becoming stronger and stronger while unlocking and mastering special abilities.

pumpup hero unblocked

When you start the game, you’ll notice that there are numerous floating objects all around yourself – balloons, sky debris and others. Those are very precious and destroying those will give you hero XP. You’ll notice that there’s a bar at the top of the screen representing your level progress. The more XP you earn, the stronger you become.

Once you’ve filled up the bar, it’ll lead you to next XP level. Then, you can choose different abilities like Teleport, Turbo etc. Choose wisely as your skills are important to successfully evade and make counterattacks on your enemies. I personally prefer the Turbo ability as it allows you dash and catch other heroes off-guard.

pumpup hero drawing game

Now, killing enemy heroes is a difficult thing. For damaging others, you have to hit the body; head-to-head clash won’t count. When you’re nearby, punch for a better chance of defeating the enemy. That’s why I recommend using the Turbo ability to sneak attack.

If you’re tough enough, you’ll survive even after getting hit 2-3 times. It depends on your level. Continue grinding hero XP and level up your hero and abilities for becoming the strongest fighter in the arena.

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