Think of a place where survival of the STRONGEST is what matters; a place where anyone can become the hunter and be hunted any time. It’s a match of survival, right? Ever wondered tapping deep into the enjoyment of such a game? Then is just the perfect one for you!


The graphics of the game is really improved than most other IO games. It can even give you the vibe of a sci-fi battlefield! You have a great view of your surroundings – your enemies, your foods and of course, all the traps. The map is divided into a number of squares. You can turn them off if you’re playing solo, or turn them on if you’re playing on a team.

There’re also visible strings that pull your avatar(s) towards your desired direction. When you’re split into lots of pieces, it can create a funny presentation of “balloons being pulled by strings”.


As an IO game, there’s nothing hard about the control. All you have to do is understand them and apply them in the battlefield. The easier controls also allow you to focus more on your strategies.

  • Movement – cursor (your avatar will move at the direction of your cursor)
  • Double split – Spacebar
  • Multi split – T
  • Throw away mass – G


Your goal is to become the biggest possible in the arena by either eating all those foods or engulfing your enemies. Ultimately, you dominate the leaderboard of the for the ultimate glory.

When you start the game, you have a small amount of mass. You have to continue eating for growing in size. Being bigger allows you to consume smaller enemies but slows you down. The largest enemies out there are significantly slower and you can outrun them very easily. game

If you’re being chased by an enemy, you can evade that if you’re small. That’s where the split feature comes in handy. If the enemy is larger than you, start running away and “split” to gain the speed advantage. You get to keep your mass to yourself.

You can also wait patiently in a corner of the map. There’s no penalty for staying still. The only adversary is, you’re susceptible to sudden enemy attacks and you don’t gain any weight. Weight gaining is sometimes more important than losing, right?

If you’re big enough, you can use the split feature for eating up small enemies because your split size will still be larger than your enemy’s.

Let’s just get playing already! You won’t regret your time. Reviews