Dual Agar

About Dual Agar

Dual-Agar is a variation of Agar.io, although the mechanics of both games is similar. The final goal of getting to the top of the leaderboard is the same too. The means of getting there may have been slightly adjusted, but the thrill is not reduced in any way. Dual agar is a delightful game for fans of its predecessor Agar.io and any others who might wish to get in on the action. It is called Dual-agar is because two cells can propagate at the same time.


The game offers wonderful opportunities for customization and adaptation to suit your preferences. For those who wish to stick one toe in and test the waters before fully committing, you have the option of donning a tag that shows potential enemies that you are training, this would ensure that you are not eaten. There are also special markers that indicate the direction in which your cell intends to move. You are presented with a plethora of opportunities in Dual agar. The gameplay experience is designed to be memorable for all users.

Gameplay description

The main aim of Dual agar is not much different from that of Agar.io. You are to ensure that your cell blob is the biggest in order to reach the top of the leaderboard.

 In order to achieve this, you must eat the colored circles known as ‘cells’, and when you get large enough you must also begin to consume the other players as well.

 The speed of your cell blob reduces as its size increases. Therefore, in order to consume smaller cells, the larger cell must split itself into several small blobs. Once the cell divides, it shoots forward and consumes a foe. The split cells must wait for a little bit of time before they fuse again, and anything can happen during that time, so you have to be cautious. There are prickly green dots called viruses on the map, eating them could cause your cell to be torn into fragments, you must be wary of them too in order to survive.

Game Controls

Mouse: Use the mous for navigating the map.

Right-click to divide the cell blobs.

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