In the game of boom, you have only one goal – destroy your enemies with a big, flashy BOOM! Now, you get to fulfill your desire of destroying your enemies in a hoard! In the world of, you get your own personal army of destruction to help you become the most dangerous army commander in the history!


As an IO game, the graphic is pretty simple and funny. However, seeing can be deceiving as the game packs a huge jolt of excitement that can blow your mind instantly. When you start, you’re on your own and your strategy, tactics, and ability to understand your enemy’s movement will be crucial for winning. game

There are different types of soldiers you can summon to your army – defenders, army personnel, tanks and even future warriors loaded with dangerous, sci-fi weapons! Build your army today and dominate the entire arena – that’s your only goal.


The game has really simple controls. Yet, you have to be careful when using other controls as those can really catchy and cause your problem when in the face-to-face assault.

  • Movement – WASD and Arrow keys
  • Fire – Left-click (mouse)
  • Firing direction – Cursor
  • Spawn unit(s) – 0-9 and A-Z


This game involves sheer strategy as you have to grind your way up to the richest and strongest war commander of the history. That’s why farming is really important here.

When you first start the game, don’t expect to be the BOSS instantly. You have to continue grinding by collecting more and more supply boxes on the field and killing more and more enemies – as much as you can. Those will earn you special currency that you can use to unlock more advanced and powerful units. strategy

There are lots of available units at the present, but for your convenience, you should start with the cheap shooters and defenders. Those defenders are strong like hell and will help you survive even the strongest bullets to the face. At first, make a horde of those defenders and smaller shooters to advance. You should focus on stronger units later on.

Once you’ve earned enough special currency, time to get the stronger units. The costlier unit, the better. Note that each unit takes a few seconds to spawn. There’s also a difference in attack speed and damage.

When you’re in a brawl, make sure to detonate your enemy’s projectiles in the air. Your units should shoot at the direction of incoming projectiles. This way, you can ensure maximum protection for your units and continue the grind. Reviews