Cats and mice are the natural enemies of each other, right? Since the starting of our childhood, we’ve been enjoying what this enmity can bring chaos and destruction. Well, now it’s your time to choose the side – cat or mouse. Dominate the arena with any one of them and become the ultimate cat/mouse warrior of the history!


If you like games, you’ll definitely love this awesome, simplistic yet funny game. It’s full of really fun and excitement. It’s a battle of survival, after all. The graphics of the game quite resembles the classic cartoon – Tom and Jerry.

When you start the game, you can either choose cat or mouse as your avatar. Like I said, you’ll find out the match of Tom and Jerry very easily. My personal preference is Jerry the mouse. Unfortunately, the game is slightly more advantageous to cats as there are more cat foods and cat magazines to boost your ability and power. game

Your target is to grow up in size, divide into smaller cats/mice and attack enemies with all your might. Win the brawl and you’ll earn lots of points. You get killed, you’re out of the room.


The game has really unique controls from the perspective of their functions.

  • Movement – Cursor [avatar will follow cursor point]
  • Focus – Left-click (mouse)

Join small cats/mice – Left-click [hold]

Strategy in

This game involves a good strategy that’s simple and fun to use. Your target is to eliminate the opposing race with the help of your own race. Yes, all cats and all mice are a friend to each other and join in the brotherhood for taking over the map.

Once you spawn, you’re nothing but just a small cat/mouse. There are foods available all around the map. Consume them to increase your level and spawn mini-mouse/mini-cat. The more you eat, the larger your mini-army will be. Those are really useful in the face-to-face brawl and can ensure easier retreat. strategy

Once you’ve earned 2 or more mini cats/mice, you can join them into a bigger fighter. Joining them is quite useful for powering up your might. The more mini cats/mice join, the larger fighter mouse/cat will be. It’ll follow the original avatar of you and get the nearby food.

At first, I recommend not to join your mini army. Instead, farm and farm throughout the entire map for further increasing your power. Farming should be your first priority for advancing further in the leaderboard.

Once you’ve gathered enough power, time to hunt down and finish all the opposite members for good. Ready? Reviews