Coloring has always been in our favorite things to do. There is hardly anyone in the world who didn’t make any splash on either a page or a friend. Truly, playing with colors is quite the fun. Would you like to have the fun again? Thanks to the world of IO, it’s available for everyone on SplashWars.io where it’s just a war of domination with splashes! Select your color and colorize everything!


The graphics of the game is quite simplistic and catchy. However, despite being simplistic, the graphics is quite polished that will catch your mind at the very first impression. Your avatar is a spaceship + airplane with a colorized front and smoke. Even the bullets you shoot from your ship are colored! There are a total number of 12 colors to choose from.

splash wars.io game

This game is played between different colors. Don’t worry, as you can choose your own color and thus, your own team. Play with friends for the better chance of domination and winning chance.


The spaceship moves all by itself, so all you have to do is to direct it into the right path.

  • Change direction (right) – Right arrow
  • Change direction (left) – Left arrow
  • Boost – Forward arrow
  • Break – Backward arrow
  • Shoot – Spacebar


Despite being simple, this game offers really fun playing. It’s because SplashWars.IO is also a collectible game. There are tons of things to collect from the arena that will help you get through many circumstances and make you the champion. All the collectibles will spawn in the arena randomly and free for all to pick up.

When you start playing, you’ll have only 1 spaceship type available. Don’t worry; the further you progress, the stronger ships will be under your command. There are 10 available types of ships for your command.

There’s a small circle at the center of the map where the splash war takes place. Your color has to go through the circle and reach the 100% colorized mode for dominating in the arena. There are several drones flying around with different colors. If you’re able to connect your bullet, they’ll change color accordingly. They are of great help in dominating the arena.

Once you die, you’ll be able to change/upgrade your ship. There are several types of equipment you grab from the arena. Some are power boosts, some are health & armor boosts etc. Use them wisely!

For your progress, you don’t have to worry. Splashwars.io has the system for registering with them so that you can continue the grind for reaching the ultimate warship of yours.

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