The puzzle games are not so exciting and popular like other genres (shooting, racing, hack-n-slash etc.). The reason isn’t that of the lower quality of the games; it’s the players instead. Puzzle games are often times, more challenging than most other games. I myself didn’t like puzzles either. However, I believe that everyone will change their mind like me after they play this really awesome puzzle game. brings the level of an IO game to the top tier!


The graphics of is nothing special, it’s completely plain & simple. It’s just like any other plain IO game where you have to perform a specific task – take the ball at the target area. game

But don’t judge the game simply based on the graphics. It is a lot more than that. Every single stage is difficult more than before. However, there are some simple levels that don’t require much brainstorming.


There are no specific controls in the game. Your cursor will determine the position of the ball on the field. Move that circle into the specific place by solving different problems and puzzles.


Like any other puzzle game, this one is completely on strategy. You have to plan your move before you leap or you’ll have to restart the level from the beginning.

There’s a ball in the map and you have to move it towards reaching a pentagon. Reaching a pentagon will lead you to the next level. There will be obstacles and other issues on the path, so be careful. There are also some triangles in the field that will work as a switch. Every switch will open up a certain barricade. The barricades are colored according to the triangles’ colors.

The real fun in the game is solving each and every single puzzling level and moving forward. The more levels you solve, the better you are. Depending on your speed of solving and clicking, it may take time from minutes to hours to reach your highest score. Reviews