Hopz is an .io game with a distinctive gamescape. The environment looks like a sparsely wooded area. The characters are bouncy balls with two dots and a horizontal line that serves as the eyes and mouth, respectively. The objective of the game is incredibly simple; you have to jump over other similar bouncy characters. Also, you must ensure no other character jumps over you or you die instantly.

hopz.io game

As you jump over other players, you gain points. That is all there is to the game. It is incredibly easy to play and strangely addictive as well. However, it takes some skill to master the art of jumping at just the right time. It might take a short while to get the hang of it, but when you do, the rewards would be worth the wait. It is a multiplayer game, therefore, the other characters are not computer generated; they are controlled by actual people.  

Gameplay Description

When you launch the game in your browser, a space appears, you fill in your name and the game starts. You find your name above a bouncy ball character. Your character is standing in the middle of a wooded area. If there is any other character near you, their name would be displayed below yours on a list in the top right hand corner of the screen.  You have to start hopping around in search of them. When you find them, the contest begins. At that point, you must do your best to jump over them while ensuring that they don’t jump over you. If you do succeed in jumping over them, you earn a point and they die.

Controls to play the game Hopz

  • Use the left and right arrows to move.
  • Use the Up arrow to jump.

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