You have to guide an axe wielding maniac to the top of the leaderboard in this funfest that is Zlax.io. It is a multiplayer, combat game that can be played directly from any web browser.

The game is basically a free for all sort of melee combat with a little twist- your only weapon is a short axe which you throw at your enemies. That means your only method of attack is throwing your axes at all foes that cross your path.

zlax.io about game

The objective is straightforward; kill your enemies by throwing your axe at them. Then kill as many as you can to climb to the top of the leaderboard. As you move across the ‘gamescape’ throwing axes at your foes, you have to pick up any axe you see in order to replenish your supply. In addition to weapons, you can also obtain colored jewels. As you obtain jewels and kill more of your foes, your store of axes increases. That means you get to carry more axes than other players with fewer jewels and kills. Therefore, you can kill more foes in a throwing session than usual.  

Gameplay Description

When you open the browser, the game loads, then you put your preferred username in the little box provided. After that you choose your preferred skin and color from the range of options provided, when you are done, the game starts. Your character starts out as a small figure wielding an axe. Your next move is to  start throwing axes at foes and killing them while scurrying around the gamescape and picking up weapons. You can obtain multicolored jewels as you scurry around the ‘gamescape’.

zlax.io game

There is a ‘rage bar’ on the screen that fills up as you kill more characters. When the bar gets filled, you can go on a killing spree; you can throw axes at your foes non-stop for a short time. While on that spree you are immune to all attacks.

 Zlax io game controls

  • Left-click on the mouse to throw an axe.
  • Right-click or use the W button to dash around the ‘gamescape’.                                                                                                                                    

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