In the case of the game, bombing has always been a great part. Explosion allows an area of coverage to destroy enemies in a larger group. It’s also quite effective in other cases like mining. What about an arena where your weapon is the bomb only? There are also other obstacles and puzzles to solve with your bomb. For bombers, it’s the best chance to experience the excitement of bombing in this Game of Bombs!

Gameplay in Gameofbombs

If you’ve ever played Super Mario Bomber or similar games, Game of Bombs will be one of the easiest and exciting games for you. You have to run, place bombs, get power-ups and go forward on your journey of the explosion. game

The graphics isn’t of a big deal, but as pixel graphics, Game of Bombs is pretty polished. There are also a huge collection of skins to choose from and other awesome gameplay mechanics to entertain you.


Like any other game, Game of Bombs has really simple control set.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Place bombs – Spacebar


This game is all about exploding everything else – enemies, walls etc. There are also other objects that can help you grow up faster in the explosive journey and become the toughest bomber in the history.

When you spawn, you have nothing special. All you need to do is to start bombing the walls and enemies (if possible). Make sure that you don’t stay in the way of your own bomb or you’ll get blasted off. Each bomb takes a few moments to blast. drawing game

The more you blast, the more collectible elements you’ll find. Using those collectibles, you can upgrade your ability and power for even greater destructive ability. Your bomb can be evolved into different functions like throwing over the wall, bouncing etc. You can also push your bomb into different directions.

When you start playing, you’ll have the feel of your enemy movements. Try to predict their movements so that they get blasted by your bomb. The more you blast, the stronger you become. Game of Bombs also has a system that allows you signing up for an account so that you can save your progress in the game. Reviews