Chess is one of the most popular games of all. Generally, it requires great attention and understanding the moves of every single piece. The game can become pretty intense in lots of cases and I believe that it’s on the favorite list of yours. Now, think about chess in an action arena – everyone making their own moves, eating others and dominating as they wish to. Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s what all is about in Xess io.


Like any other chess game, the game is also played between different players. However, the key difference is that you don’t have any move limitation. You can make movements as much as you want and make your way to dominating over the checkerboard.

xess.io game

The graphics of Xess.IO isn’t anything so special. In fact, it’s really simple and plain. But don’t let the graphics fool you; the real excitement is within destroying your enemies one by one.

For making the game even further interesting, there are 5 game modes available for enjoying.


This game doesn’t have any specific controls. You have to tap on a piece and move it according to the different direction. Once you select a piece, there will be highlighted places where the piece can move.

For moving the camera, you can use WASD or arrow keys. By moving the camera, you can keep an eye on your enemy movements and act carefully.


In this chess battlefield, you don’t kill any unit. Instead, the unit becomes under your command. The game starts with your own king to conquer other units and moves forward ruling the board.

You can start your journey by conquering any piece you want, but I strongly recommend to take control of the nearest queen first. This way, you can dominate the later of the match very easily. If you know how the chess pieces work, then it’s easily assumable that what a freely moving queen can do to the entire board.

xess.io strategy

Another important thing – protect your king at all cost! The king is also subject to be consumed. If your king is consumed, you’re defeated instantly. Don’t let your king to be taken over, no matter what. If possible, take down your enemy kings on the board.

The more pieces you get under your control, the more score you’ll earn. The queen will be the most useful one for fastest scoring.

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