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Loomen.io is a free game that can be played both on your PC and mobile. This is a small game having simple controls and strategy. This game is a little second version of Agar.io. The character in the game just looks like a fish and you need to eat the orbs in the dark. These orbs are spread all over the map of the game. Play the game and be the king at the end of the game.

Gameplay Description

Loomen.io is a very simple and awesome game mostly liked by the kids as it does not provide any difficulty for them. In this game, you have a small size of your character at the beginning. When you start eating little energy packs or orbs, your size increases. As your size increases, the dark area on the map decreases. So, you can see more. It helps you to move when somebody is near you.

The more you see, the more chances are there for you to eat orbs and attack other fishes in the game. Avoid your enemies on the map at the start of the game as they can eat you when you don't have enough power and size. You can attack your online opponents once you get a bigger size.

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You will get more score and size when you eat someone. Same is the case for your opponent so attack carefully and don't be a meat for any other player. Eat them wisely and be the only one there at the end of the game to become the top rank player in the list.

How to Play?

This game's functions are done with the help of your mouse only. Move with the help of your mouse in any direction you want. Click to dash.

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