The entire kingdom is overrun by deadly monsters from the hell and only the heroes worthy enough are able to face their destiny and crush all the enemies with their own hands. It’s time for proving your role as the savior of the entire damned kingdom and kill the deadly beasts for both upgrading yourself and having fun. That’s what is all about.


The graphics of the game is quite amazing. The scenario sets you back in the middle age when weapons, shields and brute strength was the arsenal of every warrior. You start bare-handed but will earn more and more powerful upgrades, enhancements and gears for becoming the deadliest killer of all. There are tons of undead creatures roaming around, threatening the lives of everyone and all the players here are on a journey for killing all of them. game

Here, you don’t kill other players. Instead, all of you are friendly and fight side by side for the eternal glory and all the precious gold. The enemies and gears of yours are quite cool looking, to be honest. The higher level they are, the deadlier.


The game has only one control button – left-click (mouse).

For attacking an enemy, click on the enemy for selecting it. Your character will start attacking automatically. If you want to move from one place to another, left-click on the place where you want to go.


This game is all about farming and becoming more & more powerful. That’s why you have to ensure that you earn as much gold as possible and upgrade your gears enough before moving to next level of insanity.

When you start, you have nothing special. Just a regular suit with your bare hands to fight with. You’ll find out lots of rabbit-blobs at the starting. Start killing the small ones. The more you kill, the more gold you’ll earn.

Once you’ve earned enough gold, go to the shop. You can upgrade every equipment of yours – gloves, armor, belt, weapons, boot etc. You’ll find out an option of enchanting your weapon. Use it when you have enough gold supply. This will ensure the maximum damage output from your weapon.

Killing every single unit gives you XP. Once you earn enough XP, you’ll upgrade to the next character level. Each time you upgrade, your health will be refilled & you’ll earn 5 skill points. Those can be spent on upgrading different core stats like max HP, strength etc. I recommend upgrading the HP & strength as much as possible.

You’ll find out a portal leading from one area to another. The higher area, the more dangerous enemies. There’ll be boss enemies roaming around and when feeling your presence, will rush towards you. Continue your killing for the maximum gold. Reviews