Gameplay is a real-time, multiplayer, roleplaying, fantasy adventure game that incorporates a lot of combat. The player is given an aerial view of the game from where he can control everything during gameplay. As soon as the gameplay commences all the necessary info needed for the game is displayed along the edges of the screen.  That means even a rookie would most likely get the hang of it in about twenty minutes. game

The game is designed to mimic a classic medieval conquest saga. You go through the usual tropes of medieval conquest. Imagine yourself as a regular medieval conqueror with horse, armor, sword, shield, and a grandiose sense of entitlement. The game environment is well rendered with as much detail as can be given an io game, it is very expansive too, as befits a medieval, conquest-themed role playing game.

The scenery is very colorful and the attention to detail by the developers is commendable. The gameplay is quite thrilling and is most definitely  a fine reward for the time spent on the game.

Gameplay Description

The main objective of the game is for the player to create a massive empire which would be capable of dominating the entire map. You can choose to play as an Orc or a human. However, if you would play as a human you start as a lowly worker.  First, you cultivate a farm for yourself, after which you then proceed to build a house. When you have built the house, the next step is to build more housing units to support the extra tenants who also double as workers on your farm. drawing game

Now that you have a large agricultural enterprise going, you begin the execution of your plans for conquest. You will build a barracks and several towers for your military base, and then you begin to recruit warriors to your cause. These workers would help you guard your homestead and would also serve as your companions on your expeditions of conquest.

You would set out to to conquer your competitors and they will respond with force too. Your job is to wage war, dominate them and create an empire that spans the entire map of the game.

How to play/Controls

  • Keyboard: WASD
  • Mouse: Scroll, Drag and Right-click Reviews