Cubic Tower

Building a tower is always one of the most entertaining games that require a great amount of focus and a quick reflex. Each of the blocks coming in and placing them in place is in your hand. Ready to challenge yourself in the ultimate tower building? It’s time for building your ultimate tower on Cubic Tower!


Let’s talk about the look of the game first. There are blocks that you have to precisely put each of them on the top of others. The better reflex, the faster you can grow up your tower. The entire theme feels more like a Minecraft game but more polished and more exciting.

cubic tower game

There are also a number of things to help you out through your journey of building the greatest tower. Some slow down the movement of the new block set, some expands the base etc. You have to use all of them to your best for ensuring the highest possible reach you can get.


There’s literally nothing difficult going on here. Only one control.

  • Place the blocks – Left-click

However, it’s your timing and reflex that will determine how higher you can go. If you miss the timing, you’re doomed.


Your sole target should be building the highest possible tower you can possibly build. With each successful drop, you lead towards the first place of the leaderboard.

cibic tower drawing game

At first, you’ll start with a base. When you drop your cube, at least, one block should drop on the base or the previous block.

There are total 4 types of improvements you can get.cubic tower level

  • Level booster – Doubles the number of set blocks. Essentially, adds an extra layer for increasing your building height.
  • Block expander – Widens the current set. This allows you more space for placing your current block set.
  • Direction changer – Changes block’s travel direction.
  • Block inhibitor – Slows down the block movement of the next set.

You can buy them with in-game coins. The higher you build your tower, the more coin you’ll earn in the process. Use the coin for purchasing these boosts for the highest possible tower!

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