Tactics Core

In the battlefield, it’s always important to take your enemies as fast as possible. The number of enemies will always be a large digit. So is the number of your allies. In such a large battlefield, every single successful fire counts. Every single enemy takedown counts. Tactics Core brings the excitement of an RTS game set into a sci-fi world. Jump right into the battlefield, soldier!


The graphics of the game is quite modern, yet simplistic. Have you ever played Ashes of the Singularity? TacticsCore.io successfully resembles the popular game. In Ashes of the Singularity, you have to fight for planetary domination. However, in the case of TacticsCore.io, you fight for the domination of a one-way map.

tactics.io game

You spawn as the controller of a sci-fi battleship. You have a number of choices available. Each of them offers different health, firepower, and abilities. However, not all of them are suitable for every single scenario. For example, the Bomber is a powerful anti-ground unit. However, it’s extremely susceptible to air attacks.

There are ground units and air units of different types (tanks, battleships, and others). Choose the unit wisely that suits the playing style of yours (face-to-face action, tactical or “safety first”) while satisfying the need of your team.


Despite being a simplistic game, Tactics Core is an innovative RTS that offers a multitude of controls for different types of ships you’re controlling!

The following list consists of all the available controls. Depending on what unit you choose, some of them might not be available.

  • Movement – WASD, Arrow keys or Cursor
  • Fire (primary) – Left-click (mouse)
  • Fire (secondary) – Right-click (mouse)
  • Special traits – Num keys


On the surface, it may look like going into the enemy base and destroying everyone. But it’s actually not that simple. RTS games require tactics and strategic destruction of your enemies to achieve the ultimate victory.

Understanding the game would require a little time. You may also end up losing a couple matches in the way. Don’t worry; once you’ve understood the game flow, you’ll be able to master the game easily.

Once you spawn on the map, perform a quick scan on your enemy units. If your enemy happens to have a TON of ground units, then powerful anti-ground units like the Bomber will be EXTREMELY effective against them. Otherwise, you’ll have to stick with other types of unit.

tacticscore.io gameplay

The more you kill, the higher you rank on the match leaderboard. Another advantage you’ll gain is, once you’ve reached enough unit destruction, you’ll be able to respawn with an even more powerful unit! For unlocking all the available units, you have to perform 60 kills or more. Again, you have to make sure that your choice benefits your team the most while matching your playing style. My personal favorite one to start is the Bomber. During the late-game, I prefer to switch to something heavier and deadlier like Demolisher, Gladiator or Ion Cannon. The ultimate battleship is the Kruger. It’s said that the first team to wield this weapon possesses the best chance to win. It unlocks first at 75 kills.

Another interesting thing is, you have a limited number of support minions (smaller units, both flying and ground). Once the supply ends, you and your friends are on your own on taking down your enemies.

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