About Game

Fighting, shooting, and battle games are one of the most exciting games. They keep the played hooked and excited at all times. If you are looking for thrill and as well as adventure, will be your next go-to favorite game. is like starting at the warfare land with nothing at all and aiming to end with everything.

Gameplay description

The graphics are pretty good with even 3D gameplay in which is unlike many IO games. The game starts when you land on the map. You have nothing, and it may become hard for you to stay on the map if you don’t find yourself weapons. Search through the map to find the weapons to kill your enemies, the last one to stay alive on the map wins. game

That’s not all, long distances are hard to walk so there are cars, race in the cars and shoot players while you do so. Collect loot and your extra weapons are added to your inventory. After killing a player, collect their backpack, you don’t want to miss it. There will be players checking your every move, but you have to keep moving and make their guesses wrong. Shoot, run and shoot is the formula to win this game!


  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move your avatar.
  • Aim closely using you mouse and left click to shoot the players.
  • Make sure to keep your gun reloaded with R and change them using number keys
  • Hold shift in order to walk and press space bar to Jump
  • Pick up the items on map with F and to check them in inventory press E

Get your hands on the keys, and complete against the most competitive of the bois! Reviews