What is Game? is an IO game which was developed by Sidney De Vries. It was released on March 9, 2017. It is a multiplayer base building survival game. You play as an organism who has to live and survive as long as possible. You construct a building using the resources you collect and you can also attack the enemy builder base. Luckily, the game is unblocked in school.

Game Play Description

To play is very easy and engaging. Basically, you are given a base where you have to construct buildings using your resources. You collect this resources by attacking the enemy base, hitting trees or rocks. You can also place digging mines for the same.  The game features some tools and buildings, which are:


  • Tool Hammer 

It is a base tool for all the players which is used to gather all kinds of resources. 

  • Great Axe 

You can get this tool after reaching age 2. It helps you to collect resources at a faster rate. You can collect the items at the rate of 2 per hit whereas the normal rate is 1 per hit. 

  • Short sword 

Like Great Axe, this tool is also available after reaching age 2. It is still a very useful tool in spite of the fact that it decreases your movement speed as it has a superb damaging capacity. This tool can be upgraded with the clearing of levels and later it becomes 'Katana' which is one of the best weapons in the game. 

  • Hunting Bow 

It can be unlocked after reaching age 6. The hunting bow is used for ranged combats and hunting. 

  • Great Hammer 

This tool is also available after reaching age 6. It is used to destroy structures of the enemy base. unblocked


1)Wood wall - 

Base building to protect your field. 

2)Stone Wall

You get this after reaching age 3. It is used for improved protection of your village. 

3) Windmill - 
You place windmills throughout the field as they generate gold over time. You get faster windmills at age 5 after upgrading. However, it is required to protect them from attackers.

4) Spikes - 
It damages enemies when they come to their contact. 

5) Boost Pad -
It can be unlocked at age 4. Boost pad provides a boost when stepped on by the player. 

6) Pit Traps - 
You get pit traps after reaching age 4. They are used to trap enemies when they walk on them. 

How to Play? drawing game

  • Use W, A, S, D or arrow keys to move. 
  • To gather resources or to hit other players, use left click on the mouse or space key. 
  • You can use keys from 1 to 9 or left click on the mouse to select a particular item or building. 
  • Use tools to hit Trees, Rocks and bushes in order to collect various resources. 
  • Try running while using the short sword as it decreases your normal speed and most players will chase you when they see you. Reviews