About Game

Platform games have been the classics of all time, they were not only fun filled back then, but also are played even today. is one of the best platform game among many. It keeps the player on the nerve, wanting to play more and more. Make sure you are free when you start playing this game, because it will keep you hooked for hours. You are the blue hedgehog, don’t let anything come your way!

Gameplay Description

As a platform game with 2D graphics, it’s a simple game with simple gameplay. The map consists of grass and brown muddy track. There are blockages and red fire attacks from the purple enemy balls, make sure to avoid them. Sprint through and dodge every obstacle to keep yourself going. The more you stay alive on the game, the more score you will gain. gameplay

Make sure to collect the golden rings in order to increase your score. Survive through the toughest of the map. You are the champion, go ace it with other people from all over the world.


The controls for are simple and very easy to understand and grasp the game within one or two tries. Move your avatar sonic with the mouse. If you want to increase the speed of the sonic to dodge an attack, sprint by left clicking the mouse. game

Get your gamer mode on and let the gamer inside you, win through the map. Feel the rush of excitement while you dodge your sonic throughout the game for the longest time. Reviews