It’s a large battlefield with a number of enemies riding all the sci-fi cars armed by dangerous, advanced weaponry. Every single one of them is hostile and looking for a target to shoot at. Again, they’re not so easy to catch or defeat. How will you survive in such a chaotic, destructive environment? successfully mashes the excitement of shooting, the craze of racing and the thrill of survival in the simple world of IO. This game is going to provide you with the experience of pure ADRENALINE!


Like many other IO games, the game is set into a 2D map with a seemingly 3D vibe. But don’t let the simplistic graphics misguide you. Once you get started, things are going to become really, really crazy! game

You start with a battle car of yours. It’s capable of changing direction anytime. This gives it a huge advantage in a really extreme situation. There are all the other enemy gun riders floating around the map. Your goal is to kill your enemies while surviving in the chaotic battlefield.

There are also a bunch of foods lying around. Every single detail in the game is important as it’s a pretty barebones game in terms of graphics but every single element is important for making the overall experience exciting and engaging.


The game comes with a relatively odd control. Let’s check them out.

  • Slide – Left-click (mouse)
  • Fire – hold Left-click (mouse) [will slide first]


This game is more about face-to-face action rather than strategy, so things are pretty simplistic. However, with proper implementation, a good strategy can easily position you at the top of the leaderboard.

Once you start playing, you’ll notice that there’re some hearts after your avatar. This is important to keep track. Each heart represents the number of enemy bullets you can withstand. The only way of increasing the count is consuming food. strategy

You start with just 1 heart at the beginning of the match. So, before you engage in any brawl, it’s important to increase your heart count first. Start consuming all the foods floating around. Consuming food also increases your point and your car level. Unless you reach a decent car level, use the slide/dash to evade.

The slide mechanism adds a fair bit of difficulty in destroying your enemies. When you decide to open fire, you can’t. You have to perform a dash, then start firing. The dash stations your car at a certain distance. So, you have to be a good one at predicting your opponent’s moves to engage in a face-to-face brawl.

Once you become stationary, you’ll have to wait for a couple of seconds to become mobile again. controls

That’s a unique (weird, maybe?) mechanism introduced ever into such a game. Well, this makes the game way more unpredictable and opens up more room for the element of surprise. I almost got a heart attack from a sudden enemy strike! Reviews