Survival has always been one of the most popular genres of gaming. Be it battle royale or apocalypse survival, it’s packed with lots of excitements. Every single moment can take your breath away. Packed with constant action, no wonder it’s so popular and as a player, so much fun to play. is a brand new IO game that takes the “human vs zombie” concept and turned it into a serious IO game where there will be only one winning team: zombies or humans. Are you a human? Good. Are you a zombie? Better! Do whatever it takes to ensure the win of your team on!


As an IO game, the graphics is pretty simplistic. With some funny avatar, it successfully represents the zombies and humans. The map is a broken sub-city where there are roads and roadblocks, cars, trees and of course, the humans. Each player within the same map is a human at first. However, at a certain step, someone becomes infected with the zombie virus. gameplay

This is where the real survival begins. The zombies are, let’s say, horribly zombie-looking! Zombies will try to infect humans and it’s the job of the humans to survive as long as possible.


The game offers simplistic controls. As an IO game, the number of possible actions is also minimized. This allows more focus on the game itself. Trust me; this game requires 1000% of your concentration!

  • Movement – WASD
  • Rotate your avatar – Cursor [avatar will change direction towards the cursor]


The strategy here is either survive or infect. Depending on which side you join, the task is different.
If you’re a human, your sole goal is to survive for a certain amount of time. There will be all the zombies out there searching for all the surviving humans and infecting them. You have to constantly be on the move to avoid the touch of any zombies. If you get touched, you’re doomed. You’ll have to join the zombie team. strategy

If you happen to be a zombie, your target is to perish the humankind. Infect as many humans as possible all across the map. Leave no human behind! The game ends in 2 ways. Either zombie win, or the humans. Humans will have a difficult time winning the game, so be careful out there.

The condition for humans to win is to survive for a certain time. All the time, they’ll have to avoid any type of contact with zombies. Even if only one human survives, humans win. That’s a major benefit of being a human. However, the exponential increase in zombies by infection will make the process extremely DIFFICULT.

For the zombies to win, it’s pretty simple. Infect every single human and zombie win! An interesting thing is the roadblocks. You can use them to push the enemies from getting inside the road. The road is surrounded by a border, so you can use it as an advantage. However, if the road becomes breached, you have to run away from the herd as fast as possible. Zombie infection is very contagious! Reviews