About Game

Have you ever played Deeepio game? If no, you are missing out! Deeeep io is a newest well-liked game that is quite akin to in that your primary objective is to climb up the food chain and overwhelm the ocean. It is an exciting game created by Federico Mouse. game controls

The game is all about sea animals which include Fish, Jellyfish, Crab, Squid, Seagull, Penguin, Sting Ray, Shark, Dolphin, Killer Whale, eating each other as the only way to survive. Each of these sea animals has its unique characteristics and powers which makes the game more exciting and addictive to all in-trend gamers.  

However, in this quest, you start as a small fish in the underwater and eat to go forward in the food chain full with sharks and whales. After consuming as much as necessary food, you can level up and develop into a stronger and bigger sea animal to boost your chances of survival or to begin dominating the food chain. drawing game

In this entertaining game, some creatures can only swim deep under the ocean and float up kills them. While some can poison others, many can dig in the earth, and some others become imperceptible, but all these animals have one thing in common: they swallow or get swallowed by others, for this reason, do not just swim around!

To exterminate opponent and eat its leftovers you just have to strike it with your head two or three times. You only have a chance to win by striking smaller creatures or those who are as big as you, but not animals of the same classes. The bar you see that is above other animals is health bar if the bar becomes red completely - animal will give up the ghost. If someone stronger than you hit you, you will be 15% slower for 5 seconds. Other important things you must keep in mind are pressure level bar, oxygen, and temperature, once the level of one of these things starts plummeting you are in danger of being killed! 

In a nutshell, is indeed an exciting and lovely game; once you play it you will find out all this is fact!  

Game Controls sea animalsThe game controls are straightforward; control your character by moving a cursor and use the spacebar or left click the mouse to advance a limited amount. That can be helpful for closing the gap between you and an opponent or allow you to get closer to your prey.

In this game, you can also be in touch with each other and share opinions about the game, press ENTER to communicate, to show chat messages or hide -press M. You can exit to the main menu by pressing ESC button on your keyboard.  Besides, you can become invisible to other players and just float around watching others playing, don’t click 'SPEC' button on the start screen. In this mode, you cannot be seen by other players until they say the magic phrase. Reviews