IO games are one of the funniest and craziest games in the world. In this series, is very exciting and fun. It's a third-person shooter game.  Developed by Xform, is owned by Miniclip – a big platform for lots of small and fun games. 


The basic strategy is survival to the last. You can build a fortress, team up with other people and friends and dominate the map by taking down your enemies. You will be shooting ice balls at your enemies . Upon death, they turn into a nice iceman. It's a structure with a sliver of HP. When  they break down, they’ll drop valuable resources like sweet and gold. The more XP you gain, the more score. Your avatar level will also rise, up to level 30. The world is also full of fierce bears. A fun fact – the game takes place in a land of ice, but the bears are all brown! Avoid the bears at all cost, as they'll chase you down to the last. game

Call in your friends by sharing the room link from the top-left corner. Several sharing options are available – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. A nice strategy is using some of your friends to fight and keep enemies at bay and others building an impenetrable fortress with the ice blocks. 

How to play  how to playThe game can be played using the keyboard. You have to use the arrow keys to direct your character throughout the map. You'll be using your mouse for shooting snowballs. Left-click to shoot a snowball, hold it for a bigger snowball. If you hold it even longer, you can craft a defensive block to protect you from others' snowballs.

An interesting feature is skill tree. Once you’ve collected gold from your defeated opponents, you’ll have the option to get a skill perk. Choose wisely, as the skills are very crucial and can change the entire tide of the game. Team up with your friends to have a team advantage in the field.


The gameplay of the game is pretty cool! The graphics are awesome  and simple, yet catchy. Everything's smooth & perfect. The view is from up tops, like any 3 rd-person strategy game. There's a mini map at the bottom-right, presenting the world where you're fighting. Move continuously to avoid others' snowballs. If you take damage, don't worry – cool down and get to safety as you'll replenish your life slowly. When you're alright, get back to the battleground. 

The game nicely runs in any browser. I played it on both Chrome and Firefox. Everything ran pretty smooth. However, Chrome provides a slight lag in performance where Firefox plays the game completely smooth. Everything else is alright.  I guarantee that you won’t get bored any single bit while playing. With so much excitement going on in the field, where’s the time to be bored? Let’s start playing Snowfight.IO! Reviews