About is an online multiplayer game developed by Mauve Studio. It is a game that is easy to play and master. One could get very familiar with this game in a short time and attain very high scores. If you have a preference for games that are easy to control and understand, you will love limaxio.

The idea of the game is simple. Control your limax to eat as many foods as possible and attack your enemy limaxes. As you eat more foods, your score increases. game

Gameplay description

Every player gets to choose a nickname. One could play without a nickname though. The player task is to control the limax to eat different foods and grow. As a player’s worm eats more foods, the score increases. You can also attack other limaxes and defeat them. You do all of these while protecting your limax and staying alive. descriptionYou can play the game in two available modes: the mass mode and the kill mode. With the mass mode, your limax gets to get as many foods as available and grows. The kill mode allows you to attack other limaxes and kill them. Even if your limax is small, you could kill a bigger limax. The player with the highest number of kills is featured as the highest score of the day.  You are allowed to choose your preferred theme from the four available themes.

Players also get to choose the quality of the game, whether high, medium or low. The quality of the game determines the level of difficulty faced.

The game is easy to control, and you can control your worm with your mouse to ensure that it eats as many foods as possible and stays away from attacking worms. There are no teams in limax io, and everyone is out the get the next player. Proper control is thus needed to score high with this game. The fatter your worm gets, the harder it may be to control too. Reviews