About Game

As a browser-based game, is one of the funniest and craziest IO games in the world. It was developed by 2 French coders, codenamed “LapaMauve”. In this game, you control a human-like avatar to stay alive the crazy arena of survival and rule the server. game


You can play Starve io in several modes – regular, hunger games, Zombie and Vampire mode.

  • Regular mode – The regular mode is open for all. Anyone can login and log out anytime in the game. The only rule here is to survive and have fun.
  • Hunger Games – This mode is for serious players. It’s a competitive mode where players fight in the arena for survival and earn the top place. You can’t log out once the game starts and can’t log in once the game starts or you’re eliminated.
  • Zombie – Here, the arena is full of zombies. They attack and collect resources for themselves. The server is only open for 3 days (24 minutes in the real world). When all the non-zombie players die, the game ends.
  • Vampire – It’s a team based game mode, meaning that you can’t attack players from your team. Players can spawn either as a human or a vampire. Being human and vampire has different pros and cons in the scenario. Choose wisely!

At the bottom, you will see your status – health, hydration, food, warmth etc. They indicate your condition and very crucial for survival. The graphics are quite nice with slight 3D feel. It can run smoothly on any browser, but Firefox is recommended for a better experience.


There’re hardly any other IO games that involve such strategy. There are woods, stone, foods, water etc. that you can use to survive and craft various items.

Wood is the most available resource in the game. It can be used to create a fire camp, craft small and handy tools etc. Stones and foods are valuable as well. Foods are found as berries. You can harness wood from the trees and stones from the rock piles. Water is available as ponds. The crafting is an interesting thing. Let me explain further. strategy

At the starting, you’re given a few planks of woods and no gear. Grab the nearest tree to cut down woods. Your body heat is low at the start. So, create a fire camp nearest the tree to continue getting warmer and collecting wood. Then, explore the map and continue collecting other resources. Keep a sharp look for food (berries) and water sources. Once you collect enough resource, you’ll have crafting options on the top-left. Craft and advance throughout the game.

You can also attack other players. Although there’s no need but, you can - for fun! While attacking others, make sure to save yourself from other rogue players as well! If you’re playing Hunger Games, the only purpose is to be the last survivor. Resources stop spawning and other features also start decreasing to push players to death.

How to Play controlThe game control is very simple. Use WASD or arrow keys to move your avatar around the map. Left-click on resources/players to collect/attack. The cursor will indicate the facing of the avatar. The game has several servers all around the world. However, the HG mode has only 2 servers. For a better experience, take account your position and your desired server’s location. Keep a look for total players as well when choosing the server. Reviews