About Game

Driftin.io brings for you a spectacular gaming adventure to kill time and allows you to practice and flaunt your skills in racing for the world to see. 


Players can choose between the two modes; free for all or drift and then decide from different classes of cars. Each car has its own set of characteristics such that some offer more speed and can withstand extensive damage while others provide superior defense. The vehicles are represented by shapes and the points earned by completing various objectives can be utilized to upgrade your vehicle. Developers recommend putting on music, particularly the Eurobeat remixes, to better allow you to focus on the game and to improve your performance. 

driftin.io gameplay

How to play 

The game is played using the mouse such that the mobility of the vehicle is automatic, and the player only needs to move the mouse to point the car in the right direction. Click the mouse to boost the speed of your car, especially when overtaking your competitors and avoid collision with the other players on the course as well as crashing into the walls.

driftin.io drawing gameDamage incurred to the vehicle for an extended period drains your life and once the vehicle is destroyed, the game has to be started over. You can also communicate with other players in the game by pressing the Enter key to toggle the chat and the C key to hide or show the chat.

The first to complete the 20 laps in the best time is deemed the victor. 

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