One of my personal favorite game by IO games is the It is an online game with a unique concept. It is a new game released by Sydney De Vries, and it is already on top of my favorite games list. If you are a person who loves to draw and are good with guesses, this game is made for you. Do not worry if you can’t play in English the game is available in 14 languages. 

Game description

To start the game a nick name has to be added and an avatar has to be chosen from a list of 37 avatars. Probably, this will the hardest choice you will make for the day. The basic idea of the game is to draw and guess. Turn by turn everyone draws. You get a word and you have to draw it. Others will guess it. With each guess points are awarded. When other users are drawing you have to guess the word. The first to guess gets highest points. The one who is drawing also gets points when someone guesses the word right. game

It is illegal to write the word instead of drawing it and you might get banned and reported due to this. There are two boxes available, one is where you write the answers and other to chit chat with other users. It’s time to show your artistic skills  and brain guessing power.

Controls of the game

The game is played using a mouse and keypad of the PC/Laptop. The mouse will be used to draw, there are options available to paint and change color. The keypad will be used to write the answer guesses and also chat in the chat box. Reviews