About Game

Spinbot games thought it would be a good idea to pit dogs and cats in an all-out, no holds barred slug-fest. They were right. It is a cool and lots of fun to play. 

The idea behind the game is very simple and interesting. All you have to do is choose to play a Cat or a Dog and fight for control of your territory. Earning points in this game is simple, find your territory, mark it and defend it with all the ferocity your Doggo or Kitty can muster. The terrain is littered with treats, you have to gobble up as many as you can to increase your points.

catsvsdogs.io gameplay

Now, here’s the really fun part, as you move around in search of treats you have to kill any Doggo or Kitty you meet depending on what you are at that time. If you are a Doggo, you have to stomp any Kitty you meet until they are destroyed and vanish from the screen. If you are a Kitty you have to stomp all Doggos you meet or they will do the same to you and then its game over. Your victims may try to run from you when they realize they’re no match, you have to chase them and finish the job.  It is a battle for ‘Turf’ or territory when you get down to it. Despite being a very simplistic game, It is quite entertaining to play.

Controls for CatsvsDogs.io

  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Attack: Left mouse button
  • Dash: Right mouse button
  • Power-up (kitten/puppies): Spacebar
  • Breed / Open shop: E

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