About is a simple online multiplayer game. Players use their cursor as their 'character' and must make their way through the various mazes and puzzles. It's an online browser based game that anyone can play as long as they have access to the internet. The system requirements are very low and Cursors io is a free to play game with no freemium elements or any way to purchase in-game content. There is nothing to purchase here.

Gameplay Description

This is an online multiplayer game where players do not directly interact with each other. Players cannot interact with each other but they all exist in the same 'world' and have the same goal. To complete the various mazes and progress further into the game. game

Players are tasked with making their way to the end of the level by traversing the screen. Each level is different and players will be tasked with avoiding different dangers. Touching the red lines will cause 'death' and will reset the player to the start of the level. To complete the level and move on, the player must touch the green block.

How to Play

Playing is simple. You just use your mouse. Players must follow the path through the levels and complete each new challenge which is presented. Touching a red wall or line will cause the player to reset at the start of the level, regardless of how close to the end they were. The green block is the finish line for each level.

  •  The cursor is your character
  • You must reach the end of the mazes and puzzles
  • Do not touch the red
  • Aim for the green

Note: If you struggle finding your own cursor, pay attention to the colour surrounding each one. The cursor you control does stand out quite a bit once you know what to look for. Reviews